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Cool Shirt Active Aqua Vest

Cool Shirt Active Aqua Vest

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This vest is designed for those who need to cool their core temperature but have no access to electricity. However, spring-loaded connectors easily attach the vest's tubing to a portable or stationary cooling system (Cool Shirt Systems and hoses sold separately). CoolShirt Aquavest is great for motorsports teams on a budget. Easily worn under your fire jacket for maximum cooling


  • Over 50 ft. of soft medical grade tubing stitched into the vest circulates cold water over 30-40% of the body to cool 28 times faster than cool air.
  • Maintain a safe core body temperature to keep users refreshed, alert, and more effective.
  • Reduces heat stress, fatigue, exhaustion, and heat-related illnesses. Improves safety, productivity, well-being
  • Simply plugs into your existing Cool Shirt stationary or portable personal Cooling System

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Cool Shirt Active Aqua Vest