By Racers For Racers

Racers are the backbone of Racer Tees.  We can help you and your team look professional from start to finish.

Make your car look great with custom vinyl name & number graphics as well as sponsor logo graphics.  We also help you get paid when you win with our custom contingency wraps.  Contigency wraps take the hassle out of placing decals by printing all of your contingency decals on a single piece of vinyl.  This helps keep everything perfectly in line, make you look good and get paid when you win!

We can also design and print custom race apparel for your team.  This can range from crew or shop shirts to full race apparel for you to sell at the track.

Who Are We?

Racer Tees was formed in 2012.  Located in Crimora, Virginia, we have been designing for vinyl graphics, custom apparel and embroidery for over a decade.  We are drag racing enthusiasts and take pride in producing the best quality apparel and decals.